casilia deutsch english impressum

casilia was an island
in the mediterranean sea
with a vivid culture

years ago casilia sunk into the mediterranean sea

today casilia is an island of the dead
in the mediterranean sea

casilia is taking in all the drowned souls
the whole of casilia mourns deeply
a new culture full of tears arose in casilia

just before casilia sunk
an unknown casilian poet
composed the following poem in casilian dialect
(and send it as a message in a bottle to everyone who wants to think it through):


andala dsíhte narunde
elláhva asta síhmal dsíhte
estendo lentinnen
ang shahmen tuall
sem crutzicame
can sumbio síhmal
va cen murdo singro
can sumbio murdo singro
dsíhte síhmal lentinnen

(adaption into english)


in the middle of the world
lays the mediterranean sea
of fleeing tears
to encrust
all wounds
a beautiful sea it is
and a deeply sad one
a very beautiful deeply sad
mediterranean tear sea